the intensive course for foreigners this year.iQOQOj

Date:   Monday, 22 June - Thursday, 25 June 2020 (4 whole days)
Time:   10:00 to 17:00 (1.5 hour lunch break)
Fee:     55,000 yen (this includes interpreter's fee.

NOTE:  This Center does not accept credit cards so please come prepared to pay in cash)

Number of participants:  10 people

Contents of the course is as follows:

For those who wish to participate, please email your application with the following information:  full name, gender, date of birth, address, as well as your experience/background in shiatsu.

contents of the course.

1)   We will quickly cover the complete shiatsu treatment as indicated in the book "Zen Shiatsu" written by Shizuto Masunaga.

2)  We will give easy-to-follow instructions of the pressure technique called "sasae-atsu (supporting pressure)" which is the pressure used in the Zen Shiatsu and is also described in the book. By mastering this technique, it will become possible for the first time to actually feel the flow of the "ki" (the meridians). Unfortunately, however, the way things are now, most of the teachers are teaching classes without having any knowledge or understanding of this particular point.

3)  In relation to number 2, we will cover the basic fundamental spirit of this shiatsu. Overseas, this shiatsu is widely known as "ZEN SHIATSU".  As you may all know, the word ZEN in "ZEN SHIATSU" is from ZAZEN or the Zen meditation in Buddhism. To put it briefly, this means to throw away one's ego and attain the state of "mu", translated as nothingness, nonbeing, or nonexistence. This is the common concept underlying  the Oriental or the Japanese traditional culture. And naturally, "ZEN SHIATSU" also contains this essence of Buddhism.

4)  As for practical technique, you will be taught the techniques actually used in treating patients starting with what was once called "ANPUKU", the abdominal diagnosis and treatment; the treatment for spinal torsion and lower back pain; the treatment of locomotive organ problems like painful knees and hip pain; as well as treatments for tinnitus, dizziness, and toothache.

5)  Lastly, there will be a detailed presentation of the MERIDIAN EXERCISES that my father has created. This exercise is often taught as "MAKKOHO" but this is a complete misunderstanding. You will be taught the original MERIDIAN EXERCISES.

Above are the main contents of the course. But please note that contents are susceptible to change according to the number of days.

In the class, there will be someone who will be interpreting into English and so all the participants are requested to pay the interpreter's fee.



We offer both a normal class and an intensive class.

As a general rule, the normal class begins the first week of January, April,and September. Students attend once a week for about 3 months (3 hours each day * 10 days). The intensive class is held in July, August, and December and runs 5 days. The curriculums of the normal and intensive classes are almost the same. Please call or fax us if you want to know further details. Please apply at least two weeks in advance before the first day of each course.

We can also offer the intensive class for a group in other months. We prefer groups of 3-15 people who take the class for 1-5 days. However, we would be glad to consider your request. Please contact us before you start your trip. If you are a large group or will take the class more than 3 days, please contact us 6 months in advance.

Concerning reservation for a treatment or questions about courses, please send an email to the following address :

However, please note that it will usually take several days to send out an answer.

Moreover, emails with inquiries other than those mentioned above will not be dealt with depending on its content. Thank you for your understanding.


* Please bring a small towel and wear clean socks for the class.