Zen Shiatsu

IOKAI Shiatsu Center

IOKAI Shiatsu Research Institute

Shizuto Masunaga expounded the aim of IOKAI and founded it as an association in 1968. He cited one phrase from a classic book: "A master of medicine knows illness and its source well and how to cure it." The name "IOKAI" itself reflects this aim.  In Japanese, "I(ˆã)" means medicine or medical treatment, "O(‰¤)" means king, authority or master, and "KAIi‰ïj" means association. He had many patients and students after founding IOKAI and evolved his own practical method of Shiatsu treatment.

TEL: +81 3 3832 2983
FAX: +81 3 3832 2983

Hours 10:00 A.M.- 6:30 P.M.
  (except the fourth Sunday every month, year-end and New Year season)

IOKAI(IOKAI Shiatsu Center)A founded by Shizuto MasunagaA exists only in Japan. There are shiatsu schools in other foreign countries who use the name IOKAI. Please pay attention to the fact that IOKAI in Japan has nothing to do with any of these schools. Please also take note that Kimura Shiatsu Institute and ZEN Shiatsu Association in Japan have absolutely nothing to do with neither IOKAI nor with Masunaga-sensei.

Haruhiko Masunaga

IOKAI Shiatsu Center

IOKAI Shiatsu Research Institute

Founder:@Shizuto Masunaga (Keiraku Shiatsu = Meridian Shiatsu / Keiraku Taiso = Meridian Exercises)

Established in 1968




ART Building 5F

1-6-10 Higashi Ueno

Taito-ku, Tokyo@


TEL/FAX: 81-(03)3832-2983

Map of the area



From JR Okachimachi Station:



Get out at the North Exit (–kŒû) of the JR Okachimachi Station. Take the Kasuga Avenue (t“ú’Ê‚è), the street right in front of the North Exit, toward Showa Avenue (º˜a’Ê‚è). Cross the avenue and keep walking straight until you get to the Tokyo Tomin Bank (“Œ‹ž“s–¯‹âs). Turn left, go one block where there will be a parking area on the right. The building next to this parking area is the ART Building. From the JR Okachimachi Station, it will take about 8 minutes on foot.



From Metro Oedo line or Tsukuba Express Shinokachimachi Station:


Take the Exit A1 to go aboveground. Once above, go to the right, on the second street turn left. At the end of the block, the building on the left is the ART Building. From the Shinokachimachi Station, it will take about 2 minutes on foot.